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     CASA volunteers are Court-Appointed Special Advocates, trained community volunteers appointed by a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge to advocate in court for children who are abused, neglected and otherwise in need of services. CASA volunteers offer children encouragement, stability, and hope during a complex and critical time in their lives.
     That means more children like *Luke will have a safe and permanent place to call home.  Luke has not always had a safe place to live.  From birth, Luke lived with his parents who were chronic substance abusers.  He suffered abuse and neglect under their care.  When Luke was just a year old he entered the court sytem where Bob, a CASA volunteer, became his advocate.  For more than a year, Bob and Luke worked together to ensure a safe and permanent home for him.  Just last month. Luke's aunt and uncle were given permanent custody and shared these comments in an evaluation form.  "Bob's interest and concern for Luke was consistently evident.  We felt Bob went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure Luke's safety and welfare.  His wisdom and compassion are a great asser to the CASA program."
     Just this year, more than 200 children like Luke have been monitored and supported by CASA volunteers through the Henrico court syetem.  It is only through the love and support of our volunteers and donors that we are able to continue the number of children we serve each year.

cOMING oN aPRIL 26, 2014!

Please join us at the

5th Annual


Presented by:

 Date: April 26, 2014

Place: St. Joseph's Villa

Events: 5K Race, Kids' Run, Family Fun Festival

Every child needs a hero, but abused children need superheroes!

Not a runner?  You can become a superhero for kids by volunteering to advocate for them in court!

Have you always wanted to make a real difference in the life of a child? You can by becoming an advocate for children in crisis!  Henrico CASA will begin training new volunteers to provide much needed advocacy for abused or neglected children in March 2014.  The sessions, presented by staff and area professionals, will be held at the Henrico CASA office.

If you are interested in becoming a CASA volunteer, but still have more questions, please contact Jeannine at 501-1673 for further information.